High Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun HVLP

HVLP is actually a spray paint marketplace acronym for "high volume low pressure" to signify air spray guns designed to use a very high amount of compressed air at reduced pressure to atomize the coating being sprayed.

Particular advertising often leads quite a few to think that HVLP is a new technology. The fact is HVLP paint spray guns have been readily available for many years. In the past particular domestic vacuums were marketed having a paint spray gun accessory which in reality was a HVLP paint spray gun and companies offered DIY HVLP turbine systems that was exactly the same principle as the many HVLP turbine paint spray systems that are sold by various businesses today.

High-volume low-pressure HVLP paint spray guns grew to become compulsory in many regions in an attempt by regulators to reduce pollution levels. Specific paint spray gun producers report that even though HVLP spray guns could have better transfer effectiveness when compared with traditional air paint spray guns the final finish quality is inferior.

In conjunction with the possibility for inferior finishing capacity in comparison to various other paint spray devices, HVLP spray guns typically cost considerably more to purchase as opposed to price of premium quality traditional compressed air paint spray guns. HVLP paint spray guns furthermore need much larger quantities of air to function. Because of this much bigger commercial air compressors are essential which can be cost prohibitive for most home users because of increased electrical power demands as well as the expense of acquiring and running of air compressors within this compressed air output class.

HVLP paint spray guns greater compressed air requirement is another negative for enterprise even when commercial air compressor size is available as a result of increased cost to deliver greater air volumes because of increased energy consumption.